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Use High-Tech Polymer Coatings to Protect and Beautify Your Floors

In industrial and laboratory applications, polymer and polymeric epoxy surface coatings protect concrete floors from heavy traffic like forklifts, resist chemical spills to make it easier to clean and to help prevent bacteria in commercial kitchens, bathrooms, animal handling, and automotive facilities as well as provide conductive-static dissipation.

These Epoxy floor systems have almost an unlimited opportunity for usage. We provide you with tough industrial concrete floor coatings with hard protective layer to prevent damage. R S Herder Corporation can suggest a specific coating to address your commercial needs – these surfaces come in an exciting array of colors and styles.

An Expert Advice on the Right Product for Your Home or Business

We have decades of experience in southeastern Arizona and the areas surrounding Tucson, solving your particular structural problem with high-tech chemistry.

Decorate Your Floor With Multi-Purpose Products, Expertly Applied

Anywhere you need a polymer or polymeric epoxy floor, coating, or deck system, we have a product to satisfy. These scientifically designed polymers aren't only tough, but they come in aesthetically pleasing colors, textures, and finishes. 
See our color charts below.

Check out these color charts for quality products from Arizona Polymer Flooring.
Cem-Dye water colors (indoors only)
Granitex textures for color chip flooring (2 pages)
Acid stain, perfect as an attractive concrete additive

We also offer best concrete treatments and waterproofing services to prevent huge expenses later on.

Key Resin Flooring 
Key Resin brand quartz, containing colored sand 
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